Portfolios – “Black and White”

I’ve been taking pictures since the first semester in high school. Over time a number of themes have become evident. You’ve seen one published already – “Upside down”.

On the Road Again, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Black and White photography has made a significant come back in the last ten years. The image has to be much more dramatic by way of composition, light and texture in the absence of colour.

This portfolio as in all the others is a work in progress. Come back often.

BC 2015

The stories I can tell! British Columbia, 2015

Nova Scotia, 2017

The Magic of Paris at night, France 2016

Slot Canyon; Page, Arizona

Slot Canyon, Page, Arizona 2017

Sedona, Arizona 2017

Monument Valley, Navajo lands, Utah 2017

Musicians – there is also an entire portfolio revolving around musicians in concert. It will follow sometime in the near future.

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I picked up a camera in the first term of the first year of high school. It has been close-by ever since. Over three course of time, a number of themes have re-occurred. Landscapes, birds, flowers and travel have been the main subject matter. It is my hope to share my journey and the lessons learned with pictures that tell the story.

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