Well, you had to know where we were going to end up!

I’ve been mentioning in many of my posts that I have a number of reoccurring themes.

This theme has a number of titles. We would like to have you come up with a few more creative names than mine. I have two contests.

One winner will be declared for most creative theme title.

Part two is more challenging! There are a number of images taken in some famous cities. The person who names the most accurate locations wins. No fair using Google!

This time, we will choose a winner from the submissions. Winner will receive an 8″x10″ of the image of your choice. Winner may select a single image from all blog pictures posted.

This will also be posted on Facebook where I have a larger following so heads up, this will be tough.

Some of the following pictures are over 32 years old!

Just some unsuspecting friends and family… You may earn bonus marks here, if you guess the location.

Now for the location test…

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I picked up a camera in the first term of the first year of high school. It has been close-by ever since. Over three course of time, a number of themes have re-occurred. Landscapes, birds, flowers and travel have been the main subject matter. It is my hope to share my journey and the lessons learned with pictures that tell the story.

One thought on “Well, you had to know where we were going to end up!”

  1. Hi Naguib, My theme title entry: Photo Exhibit: Perspectives from Behind

    Loved the blog. Shirley

    Sent from my iPad



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