Well, you had to know where we were going to end up!

I’ve been mentioning in many of my posts that I have a number of reoccurring themes.

This theme has a number of titles. We would like to have you come up with a few more creative names than mine. I have two contests.

One winner will be declared for most creative theme title.

Part two is more challenging! There are a number of images taken in some famous cities. The person who names the most accurate locations wins. No fair using Google!

This time, we will choose a winner from the submissions. Winner will receive an 8″x10″ of the image of your choice. Winner may select a single image from all blog pictures posted.

This will also be posted on Facebook where I have a larger following so heads up, this will be tough.

Some of the following pictures are over 32 years old!

Just some unsuspecting friends and family… You may earn bonus marks here, if you guess the location.

Now for the location test…

The eyes say it all!

One of my favourite sayings when I was on the safari. It’s not close enough if I can’t see their eyes! That was true of any animal or bird I was looking to photograph. It’s also true of people as well.

There are exceptions of course. Some of the people pictures I take are definitely not ones where you can see their eyes, but, that’s a different story!

Why the eyes? Henry David Thoreau said, “The eye is the jewel of the body”. I’m not going to be arrogant enough to say I look into someone’s eyes and can see their soul, or even know what is exactly on their mind. I can however tell you that when I truly connect with someone it is because of our eye contact.
With animals, we want to attach human emotions in everything they do. I’m not going to get into a philosophical debate about what they think or feel. My vantage point leads me to believe that there is something there that we might not fully understand. It’s hard to think that the lioness isn’t fiercely protective of her cubs.
Another interesting observation we’ve made, actually, I need to credit Donna with this observation. It’s amazing just how close the proximity between the animals on the different levels of the food chain co-exist. So everyone’s lives in harmony with each other, until dinner time!

Back to the eyes, lets have fun with this. We need captions based on the eyes. What is the animal saying?

Safari 2018 – Day Two Amsterdam

We slept in this morning finally getting up at eight. I normally wake the sun up when I’m on holidays I’m afraid to miss a thing. If I could, I would use the entire 24/7 to be doing stuff. I could be exploring, hiking, even taking a picture or two. AND THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO PHOTOGRAPH!

When I’m on holidays, I try to get more in depth with the locals to get a better flavour of the place. It’s important to know that I’m not after anything free. I just needed better access if at all possible. To assist with that, I recruit the aid of a magazine – generally the Mississauga Quarterly where I was a contributing writer and photographer. I have a copy of my favourite article “In search of slow food” we toured Italy for four and a half weeks we made a habit of searching out slow food restaurants, I would show the the magazine and tell them that I was writing an article about slow food and would like to take pictures of the kitchen and food prep if at all possible.

Not only that, but once I start talking to the chef, I convince him or her that in all likelihood everything on the menu will look good. Furthermore, I would like to honour them by trying what they think they would like to eat that day. Being foodies we’re generally adventurous. It’s amazing what dishes we got to try. Also, the treatment we get from the chef and the staff. It is so much fun. I’m looking forward to trying this in the next few days.

Today was our walking day. We walked from our hotel to the train station, of course stopping at all photo opportunities. We also stopped for Donna’s and Yvonne to ogle any cats and dogs that happened by. Sandra is into the urban development scene. Public transportation is an important interest for her. It wasn’t a short trip time wise, but it was short distance wise. How else would one explore a place?

The Amsterdam Centraal train station is amazing not only for the architecture but for the number of people who use it every day. The bicycle parking lot off to the side was a site to behold. They sure do love their bikes here, but why not? The city was designed south them in mind it seems

Near the train station is St Nicholas a Catholic church. It was really ornate and s combination of styles cuypers was the architect and it was built in the nineteenth century.

Wow, just wow!

Them we headed off on a slow walk again to take everything in on the way to Anne Frank’s House. Of course we had to go through the redlight distict on the way

The church was a relatively new one. The